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Real estate investment with added value. Odyseos Hotels save and relax at the same time.

Odyseos Hotels is a new way of investing accessible to everyone, the result of an idea that originated during our travels and vacations. We are a solid and united team born and growing, constantly inspired by the potential of the market.

Thanks to real estate crowdfunding, today we can give the opportunity to invest in real estate to anyone, even those who do not have a lot of capital. With Odyseos Hotels, it becomes possible to look towards new horizons and access an industry that allows you to make profits, create value and reduce risk in your investments.

Odyseos Hotels is a new organization in the market. We have combined four elements in our innovative approach to saving and vacationing:

Only all of them together create a complete offering and an innovative approach to investing and vacationing at the same time. Combining innovation in investing and vacationing with our experience in full-service real estate innovation provides a complete picture of the idea. We keep abreast of market changes to provide our clients with optimal solutions that respond to their individual investment and vacation needs.

We want our investors and, in the future, our clients to be served comprehensively from the very beginning. Odyseos Hotels has created a platform for investing and managing investments in hotel chains worldwide. We take on and are responsible for the entire hotel search process, the legal purchase processes, and the maintenance and development of the resorts, together with partners with hotel expertise and competence. Architects, coordinators and their renovation teams help the entire process of bringing the hotel up to Odyseos Hotels' standards so that they meet the customers' expectations. They delight customers with their services and amenities.

Odyseos Hotels invests in hotels around the world, manages hotels, keeps an eye on the cash flow, takes care of security, coordinates repairs. The only thing the investor is interested in is choosing the vacation period and the hotel where he will spend it and waiting for the return on investment.

In a situation where the investor wants to recoup his investment, Odyseos Hotels provides an investment management platform. The purpose of the platform is to enable

Real estate crowdfunding platform

Our real estate crowdfunding platform is unlike any other because it offers you the opportunity to fund transactions that, in addition to the financial benefits in terms of profits generated, give you the opportunity to spend your vacations in the hotels you invest in.

We have always been a close-knit team and after many years of experience, we realized that we could offer many, different benefits to investors.

This is how Odyseos Hotels brings together:

  • The reliability and returns of real estate investing with the
  • The flexibility of online crowdfunding and
  • The opportunity to spend every vacation in hotels and resorts that you co-own.

We designed Odyseos Hotels with small investors in mind, but not only. We also address our offer to larger investors. Our goal is to build a strong hotel chain worldwide, joining forces with those who are solidly in the resort real estate sector and creating winning partnerships in developing real estate projects.

Odyseos Hotels is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the investment in a global hotel and resort chain. An opportunity to co-finance and generate more value, for us and for future generations.


Blockchain is a shared and immutable data structure. It is defined as a digital ledger whose entries are grouped into blocks, concatenated in chronological order, and whose integrity is guaranteed through the use of cryptography.

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All transactions submitted to the platform will be entered into a decentralized and immutable registry. Data of operations and will be publicly available in a special section of the portal.

The basis of our work is to improve platform performance by introducing modern functionalities that promote data transparency for the benefit of users.

A stable investment

Odyseos Hotels is a project plan to create a hotel chain worldwide. By being able to invest from 1euro, so anyone can be an investor. Regardless of the amount of capital you have.

Business model

Every business starts with determining what you earn. At Odyseos Hotels, we make money from the guests, the tourists who visit our hotels. This is what we earn here and now, as soon as a hotel is added to our network. In the long term, as a security of capital and your investment, we earn from the increase in the value of the property. In this area we rely on the economies of scale, having dozens of hotels in our portfolio allows us to become a significant, valuable partner for travel agents, tour operators and people who like to actively vacation around the world with access to the same standard of hotel.

Buying hotels to generate steady rental income is our investment model. With effective hotel management, it is very secure and passive. By building a network of hotels around the world over the long term, we can build security and financial freedom. The typical regular rental returns achieved from investing in a hotel chain are above investing in safe bonds! At the same time, if we keep a hotel in our portfolio, its value increases over the long term.

Buying properties to increase in value is a second common business model. Some investors buy properties in order to resell them in the future at higher prices. However, these solutions are neither long-term nor passive, because for further earning you have to reinvest in real estate anyway.

Invest in real estate by your own or in a group. Form of investment

Another decision you need to make is the form of real estate investing - in your own properties or in groups with other investors:

Buying a rental property is one of the easiest ways to invest. You then buy your own property, house, apartment, which you can rent out, you can finance it with a loan, or you can sell it. However, on a larger scale, owning several rental apartments requires a high investment or using a rental operator. Also, building a portfolio of several apartments requires a considerable investment. In many locations, the cheapest apartment is a minimum of 100,000 euros.

Instead of investing in your own apartment for rent, concentrating all the risk of one property on yourself, you can invest in a group with other investors. Odyseos Hotels makes it possible to invest in a hotel chain from as little as 1 euro! A group investment reduces your risks, giving you attractive returns on your investment with zero effort all carried out by Odyseos Hotels employees and partners.

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