The idea of real estate crowdfunding

The concept of Odyseos Hotels is based on the idea of real estate crowdfunding or community investment.

Decision you need to make is the form of real estate investing - in your own properties or in groups with other investors:

Buying a rental property is one of the easiest ways to invest. You then buy your own property, house, apartment, which you can rent out, you can finance it with a loan, or you can sell it. However, on a larger scale, owning several rental apartments requires a high investment or using a rental operator. Also, building a portfolio of several apartments requires a considerable investment. In many locations, the cheapest apartment is a minimum of 100,000 euros.

Instead of investing in your own apartment for rent, concentrating all the risk of one property on yourself, you can invest in a group with other investors. Odyseos Hotels makes it possible to invest in a hotel chain from as little as 1 euro! A group investment reduces your risks, giving you attractive returns on your investment with zero effort all carried out by Odyseos Hotels employees and partners.

We enable investing in real estate to those who:

  • Have limited capital at their disposal.
  • Do not have time to deal with real estate investing on their own, but have the capital to invest in real estate.

The purpose of investing in real estate is:

  • Spend your vacation in hotels of which you are a investor.
  • A one-time profit from selling the property in the future.
  • An annual profit paid from operating the hotels.

The idea of real estate crowdfunding

How does real estate crowdfunding or group investing work?

Example for hundreds of investors:

  • Investor 1, capital is €5
  • Investor 2, capital is €2 950
  • Investor 3, capital is €10 000
  • Investor n, capital is €1

Together, they aggregated capital of €4 600 000.

Together they can afford to invest in quite impressive real estate project. Together they can invest in hotel.

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