Invest in a global hotel chain with significant value delivered

Invest in real estate with experience more on holidays

Imagine not owning one property, one vacation home, one apartment, one hotel where you can go to spend your vacation. How many of your dream vacations do you plan to spend in that one location? After all, there are so many wonderful, interesting places, people, things to see and visit in the world. It would be a shame for you to be condemned to just one, chosen place.

When you invest in Odyseos Hotels, you don't have to limit yourself. Odyseos Hotels offers you the opportunity to combine your investments, to secure your capital by purchasing a worldwide hotel chain. So that you can invest in real estate with experience more on holidays. It's not just our slogan, it's an idea that has been with us from the beginning.

What makes it different from anything you've seen before is the above average added value. The value of being able to spend your vacation at home. By investing in Odyseos Hotels we offer you the opportunity to spend your dream vacation not in one hotel of your choice, but in any hotel that will be bought by us.

Stay on holidays in ‘your own’ hotels

When you invest in Odyseos Hotels, you are investing in a network of hotels and resorts around the world. The properties will be located all over the world. The properties will be located all over the world, in places where everyone would love to go on vacation.

If you have the appropriate amount of Odyseos Hotels investment you will also get the possibility to stay at the hotel for free. Every multiple of €2950 allows you to spend one day during peak season at ****, a four-star hotel. Every year, year after year. As long as you own shares in the property you get the opportunity to stay for free in the hotel chain. The entitlement you earn can also be exchanged with other members of the community.

Invest in real estate

Join Odyseos Hotels and become an informed investor. Our staff are experts in researching the real estate market and the needs of its clients. Our real estate investments are well thought out and our strategies are proven.

The hotel real estate market will grow in the long run. Changing ways of working, project work, remote work, all these factors will contribute to new opportunities to combine work and stay. Don't risk investing in real estate on your own and become our investor.

Invest in real estate crowdfunding

Investments in real estate are characterized by low risk. Usually give higher returns on investment. With limited capital, it is impossible to buy real estate. Yes, it is true, for a few thousand euros no one will buy a property, much less a hotel. But you can invest the money you have in real estate. A network of hotels in the world, using such a solution, which is real estate crowdfunding or group investment.

Real estate crowdfunding is the financing of investments by many people who, through the online platform Odyseos Hotels, purchase tokens that finance shares in companies that manage hotels. The online platform allows you to make a real estate investment from your own computer. Once Odyseos Hotels has raised a sufficient pool of funds, it acquires a hotel in the world. In this way, the purchase of hotels is financed with the collected capital. During the management of the hotel, the profit is divided among the investors according to the amount of shares held.

Use blockchain in real estate

With crowdfunding, trading euros or euros gets problematic. If you want to invest €100 with a net yield of 4% per year, the profit per year will be a few euros. This means that transaction costs will kill the profitability of your investment. With help comes blockchain technology. Tokens are created for the property, each representing a fraction of its profit.

Sign up and buy as many property tokens as you want and profits from rentals and sales will start flowing into your account in the form of cryptocurrency. The whole process is based on smart contracts, which are digital contracts that function as self-service applications: all you have to do is register and buy a token for the contract to be validly concluded. The token owner is entitled to a profit.

Experience and passion

Odyseos Hotels and the companies cooperating with us are a group of experienced entrepreneurs connected with the real estate market and the construction sector. We are passionate people for whom investing in real estate is their everyday life. We approach our investors and investments with great care and commitment. We are distinguished by our innovative approach to the real estate market and investments in hotel chains.

Trust our experience, enjoy your vacation in a hotel in which you are a shareholder. Enjoy the returns on your invested money.

Modern projects

The hotel real estate market is still developing dynamically. Not only the technologies used in it are changing, but also the expectations of tourists and customers. Modern hotels are usually the most sought after by demanding tourists. At Odyseos Hotels, we make every effort to ensure that our hotels meet the needs of the most demanding tourists. We are not afraid to host demanding tourists who are looking for innovative services and experiences.

Great planning

For a profitable hotel property investment, you need to plan your operations perfectly. At Odyseos Hotels we place great emphasis on location, design and architecture. We do not allow for any shortcomings, so our investments are characterized by attention to the smallest details, which translate into reliable execution. Cost optimization and skilful use of the latest technologies are our priorities, which we apply in the execution.

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