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FAQ real estate crowdfunding

What is Odyseos Hotels?

Odyseos Hotels is a real estate crowdfunding platform for hotels in the world. By becoming an investor in Odyseos Hotels, you are investing in the purchase of hotels around the world. Depending on the capital invested, you acquire Odyseos Hotels tokens.

What is real estate crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a community-based way of raising funds to invest in projects and activities that has become popular thanks to new technologies and the opportunities that the internet offers. Crowdfunding is also a way to create new opportunities for investors with very limited financial means to purchase only a very small portion of real estate. Investors who can invest in sectors and industries that until recently required large amounts of money, such as real estate.

Crowdfunding involves bringing in a broad group of different investors to fund a transaction. Each contributes as much as they can or want, deciding for themselves how much they want to invest. Once the operation is complete, they share in the profits in proportion to the capital they have funded.

Why is it worth investing in real estate?

The real estate sector has the advantage of offering low-risk investment opportunities with above-average long-term return prospects. Compared to other conservative forms of investment, such as bonds, investing in real estate is distinguished primarily by the higher income it can generate.

This is why real estate has always been of interest to investors. However, until recently, you needed large amounts of capital to gain access to this sector. Thanks to crowdfunding, Odyseos Hotels has removed all barriers to entry and you can invest in real estate from as little as 1 euro (literally one euro).

What are the advantages of investing in Odyseos Hotels?

At Odyseos Hotels, we invest in hotels. Solid transactions with limited risk. Hotels that form a network. Their purchase is preceded by prior analysis and due diligence.

In addition, the long-standing experience of our network of advisors and real estate professionals allows us to select only those transactions that can be realized profitably in the long term.

Why register with Odyseos Hotels?

By becoming an investor in Odyseos Hotels, you will get access to an app. An application in which you have the possibility to check the size of your investment. You will also see the hotels that we will buy and make available to the investors. You will also get access to an area where you can manage your investment.

What does registration with Odyesos Hotels entail?

Registering and completing your profile with Odyseos Hotels is very simple and can be done from your home computer or smartphone in no time. Remember that this is an investment platform and is therefore subject to strict regulations, especially with regard to money laundering. For this reason, we will ask you to provide information about yourself in order to verify your identity.

The information you enter into the forms when creating an account will be treated as confidential and your privacy will be respected. Once verified by us, you will become a full investor in Odyseos Hotels.

How does the registration process work?

First you need to register on Odyseos Hotels by creating a completely free account. We will then ask you to complete your profile by entering your details.

The information we ask for is necessary to verify your identity in accordance with anti-money laundering regulations. All information you provide will be treated confidentially, with full respect for your privacy. Transactions to and from your current account are handled in a secure manner.

Can both individuals and companies sign up for this service? How do I proceed?

Yes, both individuals and companies can sign up with Odyseos Hotels.

I don't remember my password. Can I request a new one?

Yes, if you forget your password, you can choose a new one. Simply go to your login and click on "Forgot Password". We will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How much does it cost to have an Odyseos Hotels deposit account?

Managing your Odyseos Hotels account is completely free of charge.

Getting Started with Odyseos Hotels

How do I invest with Odyseos Hotels?

To invest with Odyseos Hotels you need to register on the platform. Once you create an account, you will have access to all the information. This will allow you to start making informed investment choices according to you.

To become an Odyseos Hotels investor, you need to complete your profile. Once we have verified your information, you are ready to begin investing that best suits your needs.

How can I top up my Odyseos Hotels account?

You can top up your Odyseos Hotels account in a few steps, directly from your dashboard. All you have to do is select the amount and whether you want to top up your account via bank transfer or credit card.

Odyseos Hotels does not charge a commission on your investment. We use a certified independent electronic payment provider to handle our transactions.

What are the costs of signing a contract ?

There are no costs associated with signing a contract.

What is the minimum capital I can fund? And the maximum amount?

With Odyseos Hotels, you have the opportunity to invest in the real estate market even if you have a small capital. With us you can invest from as little as 1 euro.

How do I choose the investment that best suits my needs?

To find out if an investment is right for you, we recommend starting with the key parameters: duration, expected return, type of property and the area where it is located. Check out the investing page to get this information and make an initial selection.

In the project information you will find relevant documentation: business plan, renderings and plans, market analysis, land registry and energy certificate, if these documents are available. You will also have the opportunity to personally contact a consultant if you need additional information.

Remember, our team consists of professionals who work in a variety of industries. We also use many outside professionals. The deals we present on the platform have been evaluated from both a technical and commercial standpoint.

What kind of return on investment can I expect?

The expected return varies over different time periods. Depending on the demand for travel services offered by the hotel chain.

The timing of raising the entire amount to buy the property, the next hotel and bringing it up to our standards and making it available to tourists is crucial. Your money works, from the moment the hotel earns money by making its services available to tourists. The more hotels we can acquire in a shorter period of time, the more profits your investment will generate for you.

Remember, as a general rule, the returns from real estate financing are higher than from other low-risk financial products.

What happens if the funds raised are not enough to invest the transaction?

Each deal has a set period of time, usually 300 days, during which the necessary funds are raised. If insufficient funds are raised during this period, the money you invested in the deal is released. You can refinance it in a new opportunity.

However, it may happen that we find a cheaper hotel than the stated target, in which case the deal will be successfully closed and your funds will be invested in buying the hotel. The project will continue unchanged in accordance with the terms and conditions published in the Terms of Investment, which can be found in the section.

I already invest with Odyseos Hotels

When the Investor will receive the profit?

Profit is paid once a year. The first profit is paid after 24 months from the date of capital contribution, the next profits are paid in the following years.

What is the profit from participation in real estate investing?

Investor does not bear any costs associated with signing the contract.

From when can I use hotel accommodation ?

You can use the hotels from the moment you add their offer to the application. We are currently raising funds to buy the first hotel.

Is my capital guaranteed?

Real estate investing has significantly reduced risk, precisely because it is secured by solid, tangible objects such as real estate. Losing capital by investing in this sector is possible, but generally very difficult. No investment is without risk, however, so we cannot guarantee your capital one hundred percent.

The hotels in which we invest in the real estate market presented by Odyseos Hotels have been carefully selected. The hotels have significant potential, have a real possibility to host tourists and provide tourism services with a sizzle for investors.

I have just invested. Until when can I change my mind and withdraw from the investing?

From the time you invest, you have 14 days to exercise your "right of withdrawal." After this deadline, you must wait at least 24 months to withdraw your investment.

Before that you can offer your investment to another investor. For this purpose, we have created a platform for buying and selling investments. In this situation, you must wait for another investor to buy your investment.

Can I sell my investment interest to others?

On Odyseos Hotels, you can sell your investment. This is one of the features of the app. It is an equity crowdfunding platform. By investing, you are investing in a hotel chain in the real estate industry.

You just need to find buyers for your investment. In this way, you will get back your invested capital.

For what period of time does the investor put up the capital for investment?

Investor decides on the length of time for which his capital will be invested. There are no time limits.

What is the cost of resignation from investing in real estate?

There is no cost associated with the resignation of investing in real estate. Capital is returned in full, without deducting any costs.

Do I have to pay tax on the interest earned on my investment?

Interest paid to investors is taxable according to certain regulations. This income must then be reported on your tax return. However, we recommend that you check your personal tax situation with your tax advisor. We do not pay any taxes on behalf of investors.

Do I own the property bought for investment?

No, you are the owner of the capital.

Investors declare to join all the investments of Odyseos Hotels and not one or a few selected ones. They get the opportunity to enjoy all the hotels from the moment their listing is added to the application.

Investors do not own the properties they invest. The owner of the investments made is Odyseos Hotels.

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