For investors

For investors

For investors

I want to invest in real estate. How would you like to invest in real estate? I am looking for a long-term investment? Need a quick profit and high risk?

These are the questions real estate investors and more are asking themselves. There are many ways to invest capital in order to secure and multiply it. Buying real estate, is currently one of the most popular, yet safest ways to multiply your capital. If you care about long-term profit, it is worth considering such an investment. At a time when the bond market offers low interest rates on bank deposits does not encourage you to keep your savings in the bank, buying an apartment for rent seems to be a reasonable and safe way to earn money.

Benefits of investing in real estate

The magic of a dream vacation, new experiences, moments spent in an attractive place. Great atmosphere and people make vacations extremely attractive both for tourists themselves and for investors in the form of hotels.

The constant increase in competition means that nowadays investments in real estate, even luxurious ones of high standard, need appropriate, comprehensive service and advertising in order to bring the expected profits. To meet the growing expectations of guests, we offer you the opportunity to invest in a chain of hotels. Plus additionally the possibility of free stay in them depending on the size of the investment.

Our comprehensive service concerns:

  • Finding an attractive hotel.
  • Guaranteeing legal security.
  • Determining the initial cost estimate for a potential renovation.
  • Determining the rental price.
  • Setting a transaction date.
  • Increasing the market value of the investment by carrying out renovations.
  • Arranging a hotel.
  • Offering hotel services to the vacation market.
  • Current maintenance of the hotel.

We are extremely pleased with the fact that day by day the group of co-owners of hotel chains is growing. People who want to combine investing in real estate with the possibility of spending vacations at their place. Our priority is to acquire more hotels and resorts in attractive tourist locations and to increase the number of satisfied customers and shareholders.

Who is investing in hotels for?

Investing in a chain of hotels is addressed to all investors commencing their adventure with real estate and those seeking new investments.

Our offer is primarily addressed to:

  • Those who like to travel.
  • Having free funds for new investments.
  • Wanting to safely earn more than on deposit.
  • Those looking for a safe investment of capital.
  • Those who value certainty of their investments.
  • Willing to invest in real estate around the world.

Odyseos Hotels is for you if:

You care about investing in a chain of hotels around the world.

You like to travel. Eventually we plan to buy more than 100 hotels and resorts in the world.

You have free financial resources to invest in real estate.

We invite you to contact our consultant, during which we will try to get to know your expectations and resolve any doubts.

Cooperation with us means for you:

  • Passive investing.
  • Liquidity of capital.
  • Security of the capital held.
  • Guarantee of investment in real estate.

We invite you to contact us.

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