For investors

For investors

The process of investing in real estate

Investing in real estate provides an ideal combination of returns, solid guarantees and limited risk. All these features of financial investment can only be offered to you by a very limited number of financial services. Real estate investing has always been of interest to many people, but until recently it was available to few. It required a high level of financial accessibility.

Now, however, with the real estate crowdfunding platform, Odyseos Hotels, you can actively invest in a global hotel chain yourself with limited financial resources. You can yourself participate indirectly in the execution of large real estate transactions and generate profits, even if you don't have much capital. With Odyseos Hotels, investing in real estate is simple and affordable for everyone. You can invest as little as 1 euro.

The process of investing in real estate step by step

How does real estate crowdfunding work?

Register for free and create an account

Learn in detail about our approach to the market and the idea of creating a global hotel chain. Choose the funding opportunity that best suits your needs.

Complete your profile and activate your account

Activate your account on the real estate crowdfunding platform. We will also confirm your activation. Your deposit account on the Odyseos Hotels platform.

Think before you invest 

Evaluate all the information we provide before you decide how much money you want to invest. How which funding opportunities are right for you.

Transfer funds into your account

All you need to do is deposit money by bank transfer or credit card to start investing with us. At this point, you will become an investor.

Buy Odysseus Coin

Convert the money you deposit into Odysseus Coin. A cryptocurrency that allows you to trade on our Odyseos Hotels platform. You can sell and buy Odysseus Coin.

Crowdfunding real estate

Crowdfunding real estate is investing in real estate in a group. One person's investment will not buy a hotel, much less a chain. We need to get more investors.

Wait for collecting the full investment

We are currently raising funds to buy our first hotel. Once the deal is done, we will bring the hotel up to our standards and make it available for vacations.

Hotel chain

Odyseos Hotels is a project for years. We hope to raise funds to purchase more hotels in the coming years. Once they are adapted, we will make more hotels available for investors.

Benefit from the hotel network that is available

By investing 2950 Euros you will be able to stay for free, one day in a four-star **** hotel in high season. You will be able to check the hotels in which you have invested yourself.

Expect to receive information about profits

Track the progress of your investment. After 24 months about your investment, you will receive information about the profits it has made. Odyseos Hotels is an investment designed to generate profits.

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