Invest in a hotel chain

Invest in a hotel chain

Why invest in a hotel chain?

Secure your money

Investing in real estate in the long term brings above-average profits. On the one hand it protects your finances, on the other hand you have many different places where you can spend your dream vacation. You benefit twice.

Real estate plus blockchain

Security = real estate plus blockchain. We invest your capital in hotels. Hotels where you can go on vacation. Hotels that generate passive income for you. Your shares are registered through a dedicated application in the blockchain system. You are a co-owner of the hotels. The basis of our business is holiday hotels, real estate, the safest assets to invest in.


The expected return on investment is higher than on bank deposits, bonds or mutual funds. You maintain a low level of risk because you are investing in real estate.

Crowdfunding - investing in a group

Investing in a group allows you to participate in ambitious and diverse projects with a total budget of tens of millions of dollars. By investing in a group, you reduce the risk of your investment. Many, different people from around the world make real estate investment decisions together, spreading the risk across multiple investments.

Ease of investment

With Odyseos Hotels, you can start investing with as little as €1 in equity. You can do this from anywhere in the world! Buy shares in properties through our app. You can also withdraw your capital by selling your shares.


We keep you informed about our activities and investment progress every step of the way. Our clients get access to the "Investor Zone", a special page where we publish all the information about investments in hotel properties around the world.

Staying at your hotel

Your investment in Odyseos Hotels is an investment in a world-building hotel chain. Each investment of €2950 and multiples thereof guarantees you a stay of one day for free during peak season at a four-star hotel **** in the Odyseos Hotels chain. This is true for every year of the investment.

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