About Odyseos Hotels

Odyseos Hotels was created by combining the knowledge and experience of an IT company with that of its business partners, organizations and individuals with many years of experience in the hotel real estate market, as well as in running and managing capital investments of significant value.

Odyseos Hotels is a new organization on the market. Combining above average services with the ability to secure capital and apt investments in tourism properties.

We are innovative

Odyseos Hotels is an innovative service in the market. What makes us unique is the combination of investment in real estate and the profits it generates with the added benefit of staying for free in a hotel. Our services are addressed to people who like to spend their vacations away from home, in another country or on another continent. Analyzing the needs of tourists and available offers on the market in the field of investment in tourist real estate, we noticed a niche that we want to fill with our services. The services of an uncommon possibility of combining the investment with attractive vacation spending.

While designing and creating our services we have checked various possibilities of investing in properties. We have also tested various possibilities of purchasing vacation services. We managed to combine these two different services into one. An innovative, modern and safe service.

You can use our services yourself today. All you have to do is use the Odyseos Hotels app.

Invest in real estate with additional value

Investment in real estate is one of the safest ways to invest financial resources. The risk of capital loss is in this case low, while the rate of profit is higher than average.

We know that you also know this, however we are aware of frequent barriers to investing in real estate, e.g:

  • I do not have enough capital to buy the whole property.
  • I lack the knowledge and know how to manage the property.
  • I am not able to verify whether the offered property is an investment opportunity.

Odyseos Hotel benefits from the knowledge and experience of people who have the right experience and know-how in buying and managing properties, hotels and real estate.

Become our investment partner, it only takes 1 euro to do so.


We work to offer quality services, anticipating the needs of our customers and adapting to travel trends.


Offering excellent value for money. This factor is one of the most appreciated by our customers.

Human Resources

The consideration of human resources is one of the fundamental keys to the chain's success.


Perseverance in the constant renovation of our facilities, taking care of the smallest details so that our hotels maintain all their charm and historical essence.

Our hotels in

Odyseos Hotels is building the network of hotels and resorts most admired and designated locations across the World. We are on the way to manage hotels and resorts for our cofounders. People who wants to spend vacations in places which they are co-investors.


To create unforgettable experiences by offering our investors a valuable investment with important additional value by hosting them with an excellent quality-price ration hotels and resorts.


To consolidate ourselves as a solid hotel chain of reference on an international level, building loyalty among our investors and guests.

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